DREAM Program

DREAM, short for Drug Resource Enhancement against AIDS and Malnutrition is a comprehensive approach in the fight against AIDS in Africa, it started in February 2002 by the Community of Sant’Egidio with extraordinary success. Treatments come from knowledge and technology currently used for AIDS patients or HIV positive in developed countries.

In 2002 ,The Daughters of Charity began collaborating with the Community of Sant’Egidio , to start the DREAM project in health facilities run by the Daughters of Charity. DREAM provides treatment to all HIV-positive people but emphasizes the medical treatment of pregnant women and their children. The DREAM protocol with antivirals administered to pregnant women, has virtually eradicated the transmission of AIDS from mother to child and it has a success rate of 98%.

This treatment preserves the lives of babies and also ensures the health of their mothers thus it has considerably decreased the number of AIDS orphans. In addition to the antiviral, careful monitoring is essential in the number of CD4 and viral load for the program’s success. Each sanitary unit of the DREAM program should be equipped with a first class molecular research laboratory and is linked to a centralized unit in medical technology and health care professionals located in Rome, Italy.

Beyond the success of treatment, DREAM aims to develop local skills to train local people to ensure the sustainability of the program and encourage HIV positive or living with AIDS at all stages, to make the test, promote treatment and participate in programs to improve their adherence to the protocol.

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