Mozambique, a hospital and I
I can not say you enjoyed this experience.
When a person is comfortable living here, for whatever reason he did come, discover many things, pretty cruel. The hospital is summarized in Carmel 20-30 people against the world. A few nuns, a group of health and voluntary. Fin. How can 20 people pull the world? They can not. Today missing medicines, tomorrow a child dies last someone of ill staff and you have to cover your hole, 8h always become 9 people who requests to attend but not applicable to the hospital to give assistance (hard to do it with the quota HIV + TB), you attend diseases not know (internal medicine becomes gynecology, dermatology, pediatrics …).
And I’m not religious nor am gynecologist or pediatrician nor am I prepared to see a child die. Shangana not speak poorly-speak Portuguese and not work 8h full or in my country. I was not prepared for this and did not like me. Even so I still had few options: leave them and allow little dignity and humanity that fit me or lend a hand to those few people and battle each insult one after another, to do what he could do best and weapons that here it could have at all times.
Even having been a non grata experience, even for someone who is uncomfortable, you would get the prize. The same is Stockholm syndrome. They are people, humans, suffering from diseases unknown above, other banal above, living in …, and who attends to them? others with little knowledge they saved. It’s such a kick to consciousness, the brain and “Potato” no choice but to see another smiling and jabbering Changana patient. And see another patient who is not the hospital. And unload boxes of medicines. And get a drug under rocks.
How will I see my patients in Spain? How I will look to the next person in Spain to raise me their “European” problems?
The trouble is that when I go home with taste will recover my comforts. I will not change anything here, but I get a few things in the retinas. And for a while I will recover humanity.
Thanks Mozambique. But no thanks.

Alfonso Lluna
Mozambique, Chokwé 5-XII-2014.