New doctors and building the Laboratorio

News Carmel Hospital

For a long time we wanted to reload Hospital and share with friends.

Last year, it came as a Fellow of SEMTSI Dr. Ruben Galvez, internist, who after being with two months we decided to come as the semi-volunteer work at the hospital over a year with him came Dr. Ana strong internist and also will work for free in the hospital all this year. Its well done, your availability, knowledge has made the work in the most efficient and less overwhelmed hospital.

In the flood last year, the Ministry sent a doctor to Mozambique Carmel Hospital, Dr. Edy Nacarapa who graduated in 2013 and so far has a great interest to work, learn and collaborate. For all of them we thank God for you being a great help.

The best thing about this year was finally getting the funds for the construction of the Molecular Biology laboratory. It seemed an impossible dream and we can only thank all those who helped when they could. She is scheduled for delivery in the building until December 31 this year.

On July 4, we were putting the first stone ceremony was simple but moving ceremony. Were present the visitor of the Daughters of Charity, Father Authorities Director Chokwe: District Administrator, the Mayor, the District Director of Health, the Director of the Rural Hospital, representatives of EDM (electrical energy), Fipag (Company water) TDM (Telecommunications of Mozambique), Mr. Pastor, Mr. neighboring houses, the direction of H. Carmel and other friends.