Video First cut of the Laboratory of the Hospital of Carmel

Message from the Director of Hospital of Carmelo: Maria Elisa Verdú

Ladies and gentlemen,
Good day,
It is with great joy that we gather here today in this part of the town of Chokwe to lay the first stone of the construction of the Hospital of Carmel lab. Desired project long ago.
We want to first thank God that allowed despite the difficulties and made us discouraged not always keep the hope that someday we would come to see the Laboratory built.
There are many people who contributed to this to be a reality: The Daughters of Charity at international level that will sustain the costs, the city of Chokwe who offered us the land and always facilitated the relevant steps. Mr. Chivambo Engineer who always generously and availability drafted the first document. AMI NGO Portugal. Dr. Dário for his unconditional help for a professional lab this category. And so many others who knew advise, support us …
We are sure that this lab will greatly facilitate the work of the hospital, will improve the quality and quantity of tests to perform. Patients will be treated in more brevity and the results received in good time.
Thank you for your friendly presence and hopefully continue to support us so soon this laboratory operates to 100%.
Thank you and now let’s proceed with the blessing of the land and the launch of the 1st stone.

Para ver fotos do Laboratorio clique aqui