Video: Opening Inaugural 18 Years of existence Carmel Hospital and Sharing 50 years of service to God

The Irma Maria Elisa Verdú Jorda, makes inaugural opening saying:
Dear brothers and friends, when we took Matope after the floods, Weary Blues and we said: When passer all this, we will have a big party.
The day of the party arrived, when we first want a party, give thanks to God that gave us Life, and helped us all the time to overcome the obstacles and keep our hope alive.
We want to thank all of which above all in the most critical, given the best of themselves, wants to be safe for patients to take care and follow the rooftops, as well as for estrous waters of the equipment, the material at the moment, be grateful forever.
And thank all of you, that despite past difficulties, you are here to recomençar all, a new phase of service, we ask that everyone God bless and help us to work with competence only ones generosity and joy.
Finally we have another reason to give thanks to God our Father, source of all good.
The two sisters Irma madeleine another home, school St. Vincent de Paul, Sister Mary and Sister Encarnacion and I soon felicitaremos 50 years of consecration to God servilo that needs the spirit concedito According to our Founders, God chose us, not because we were better because it more quiz, a vocation is a gift and mystery, always God’s initiative, we want to share with you our joy, for everything that is good is from God and sharing, and because we tend to walk and helped serve . The party will soon celebrate more privately, just now wanted to share with you our joy.