Camila Dias

A new horizon! Phrase that defined my great experience in Chòkwé “Carmel Hospital Santa Teresa Limpopo.” January 2012 will be unforgettable. Speaking this institution is simple: love, dedication, responsibility and EFFORT. During this period, I and some colleagues, medical students , decided on their own to make a Brazilian expedition to experience and learn about medicine in Mozambique, more precisely in their districts and provinces.
This hospital was able to meet and “see” up close the reality of being a true African patient, who suffers under adverse conditions, much more than in my country. But at the same time, I could see the joy of life, the simplicity and hospitality of this people, even in the face of very little medical support, supports both suffering in the most humble possible. That impressed me a lot and also left me deeply moved.
Never in my life, I witnessed and received many smiles, warmth and good reception in one place.
At the orphanage we were greeted literally with open arms by the children, that gay and so lacking wanted to make the most our presence there. Joked, hugged us, amused at the sight peculiarities and customs in us, as the handset in our teeth, which those little ones had never seen nor knew what it was for. A simple gesture of love, since the left animadíssimos.
We share the responsibility and concern of doctors, medical technicians and hospital staff at all, distribution of medication for tuberculosis, although it is done manually which is very well supervised and accomplished.
For medical practice, we had the opportunity to see AIDS-related diseases, which are not common in Brazil, and here they become, for us, “photos” of books, unusual in our country.
A great response was that we scored a lot, I will never forget the friendship and affection, both patients and staff of Carmel Hospital.
My heartfelt thanks to each one, the days, and the opportunity, because it sure does not exist as enter and exit this institution in the same way it entered.
God is always present, as I do in my prayers, illuminating the steps of everyone who come here and work. Hands illuminated by HIM, to those who work. And patience and faith to those who are in treatment.


Miss fondly
Camilla Dias – Brazil 2013