Isabel Neto

I met Carmel Hospital, and the sisters who make it so special, some years ago, by the hand of a good friend. But it was this year, visitor to the hospital soon after the floods, that Carmel has challenged me more than ever: when we realize that lived in those days, it was impossible to remain indifferent. The Matope everywhere (and already much better than the days you immediately following the floods), so much hopelessly lost, but above all extreme poverty and human vulnerability.

We / I have an extremely privileged life, and forget so easily what others weaker and humble, living day-to-day. And after all it is so easy to us to share with those in need. And we can really make a difference.

Hospital of Carmel have to thank for all the work and love to those who suffer most, but also by inspiring me to open my eyes and put me on the way – there is no doubt that it is in giving that we receive!

We are together Magdalene, Elisa. Together in the service but also the friendship! Thanks for all you do, and also because they are human! What you need, count me out.