Project: Support and Incentives for Activists

Objective: ongoing training and subsidies for community organizers who help the sick stick to the treatment, help them to understand and accept their disease and teach them how to live with the illness.

Description: Activists visit and advise patients at home and help search for the absent patients. They work directly with community leaders, secretaries of districts and villages and the local population. Until 2009 this program was supported by the WFP (World Food Program), this project seeks to continue this work encompassing:
A) Train new community organizers through courses
B) Provide a means of survival for the community organizers who are also sick, now 25, and their families
C) Cover the logistics costs of the community organizers
D) Annual assessment of the activities / performance of each community organizer

Investment: U.S. $ 33,900.00 / year

Status: In Operation, but will run out of funds after October 2013

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