Building a New Laboratory

Objective: Construction of a new lab with capacity to carry out all the test required by the growing demand with satisfactory quality.

Description: The current laboratory work is done in a limited space and under precarious working conditions and do not have adequate space for the lab activities. The lab equipment is distributed in a non optimal way and is exposed to dust and humidity putting at risks its durability and quality of work. Other requirements include: the insulation of the Baciloscopy room to avoid contamination and implementation of new techniques for sensitivity tests, viral load, PCR and ionograms.

The new lab would eliminate the need of transporting the biological samples to the capital Maputo, which delay the results and risk data loss thus benefiting the people in the area since that service is not available in the region.

The new building will allow:
- Tests: hematology, biochemistry, ionograms, cultures and sensitivity tests (tuberculosis, urine, blood, feces, pus and all other body fluid), molecular biology (CD4, viral load, PCR)

- Rooms: Sample collection room, Administration Board room (records, files, delivery of results), stains room (Giemsa, Gram), Microscopy room, Ziehl Neelsen for BK room with laminar flow hood , rooms for culture techniques and sensitivity testing, rooms of Biochemistry and Hematology, Molecular Biology space, sterilization room (autoclave, stoves, distiller), cleaning supply room, dinning room for staff, locker room with showers, toilets for the staff, laboratory stock and waiting room and toilets for patients.

Investment: US$ 800,000

Status: No funding yet.

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