Mari Carmen Verdú Jordá- Spain

For years my sisters insisted for me to go to Mozambique, but it looked so far ….. I thought with photos, slides, videos and what my sister told me it was enough to understand that world. My husband died, my sisters kept insisting , and then as if from heaven to push me out, I went there. My stay made an impact on me for what is left of my life in this world. I was transported to a completely different reality to the one I knew and I was mesmerized. On the one hand the small group of Daughters of Charity to work tirelessly, with strength and joy as they can only be true followers of Jesus, and moreover the many patients who came to the hospital every day Carmelo with infinite patience and they responded warmly, with a smile when greeting them. And, of course, the beautiful children who took their medicine without complaint. What I liked most was the time spent with the children, playing with them (everyone wanted you gave them the hand) and I was eager to give it mine, kiss them and hug them. I received as payment smiles that filled the soul and I still feel them inside me.

I returned to my world and I am surrounded by banal things and people (including myself sometimes) having silly and unimportant concerns.

I conveyed my experience to many friends and we are all bound to Mozambique and especially those who are in the Carmel Hospital works great.

I wish to return.

a hug