Emilia Verdú – Spain

Knowing Carmelo has been a godsend, a blessing in my life. My deepest thanks to the community for opening the door of your house and give us the chance to meet a reality so different from ours. My admiration for the great work they do on behalf of the needy, I saw there how faithfully follow with enthusiasm and high hopes that Jesus taught us, first of all the love and the good of the individual person, I have seen the effort daily to find the resources to many patients.

I will always carry within me the smile of children, the joy that permeates the hospital in the midst of so much suffering, solidarity among them, the resigned acceptance of what may happen, generosity. All these values are those that can bring happiness to man, have been lost in the society in which I live in, where raw individualism, selfishness, possessing, consuming, producing, under the guise of being i happiness, a constant dissatisfaction.

My desire to return to Carmel where I always return with more inner peace and getting more clear what is really important.

My desires that the Sisters not discouraged in difficult times and do not lose confidence in God and in man.