Miria, Fabrizio e Riccardo, Espérance ACTI, Switzerland

The summer of 2012 ended with the return of some of us, members of Espérance ACTI volunteers, to “Carmel Hospital Santa Teresa Limpopo”. In Mozambique

Maddalena, Maria Elisa, Flora, Manuela, Joaquina, Ana Rosa and Aurora are the wonderful missionary nuns who run the Carmel Hospital. It was an honor to live and share with them some of the excellent work they do every day in this hospital.

The hospital is truly remarkable, professional and clean as there are few even in our countries. The main problems addressed there are those caused by AIDS and tuberculosis, diseases that are decimating families and make everyone’s life very precarious.

In this context, even stronger and become meaningful encounters every day with professionals, patients and children, all incredibly beautiful, with their looks that delight and smiles that melt our hearts.

The setting could not be better. The scenery is gorgeous, brimming with colors by the sunsets that bring tranquility and dignity of the people of Mozambique.

It was very easy, so fall in love with everything we saw and experienced during these days.

This being our second trip we focused our efforts on many fronts.

Firstly, we continued the work begun last year, related to computerization of records of adoptions. A particularly interesting to us was attending the meeting with adopted children (Saturday, 4 August). On this day, besides verifying the health and education of families, made the delivery of monthly donations. The meeting was amazing! Through us the families could demonstrate gratitude to “sponsors”. . Handshakes, hugs and the inevitable “thank you” and “Kanimambo” (which in Shangaan language also means “thank you”). Donations are indeed fundamental. They ensure that children can attend school, which would be impossible without this help.

It was very rewarding to help give life to a project that by the year seemed to be light years ahead of its implementation, which was the opening of the computer lab. We teach basic computer courses for teenagers and also for patients who live and work in the hospital. Some of us were surprised by the ease of learning and for his efforts. For others, the mission was a little more difficult, but in general, progress after only two weeks were really impressive. For us it was particularly satisfying to see that, with our help, computer courses are now a reality and that can help both children and the hospital, who can rely on the knowledge of these people for his administration.

But the place where we use most of our efforts was undoubtedly the pediatric hospital., children are wonderful. All unjustly sick, the emotionally involved with hugs and affection. With them we now have a relationship indescribable! With them and with several volunteers who already went through the hospital, played, sang, did their homework, prepare ice cream for everyone, did magic tricks and costumes, modeled balloons of all kinds. It was an unforgettable experience, that between nostalgia and the wonderful memories of the beautiful times that we live in, makes us want to return as soon as possible to further strengthen the ties established and continue to share with people and other children’s hospital experiences. Experiences that will enrich more and more to us and these people.